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Nanogen products are designed in such a way that they work effectively and equally on both sex and for people of any age. Nanogen fibers used in our products charge up with the static energy which helps these fibers to loop along with the existing hair on the scalp. The jar used to pack our products is designed in a way to give the maximum static charge to the fibers. As soon as these nanofibers exit the dispensing mesh they are charged up and ready to use. Just sprinkle them on your scalp and these fibers will do the trick. The components used in the Nanogen dispensing system are chosen on the basis of their electrostatic donating potential.

At Nanogen, we are working very hard to develop and improve Nanofibers to offer great results irrespective of the environmental conditions so these fibers work effective in rain, storm or excessive heat. These efforts from our end separate us from our competitors.

Here are some of our technical innovations we used to improve our products:

Protein-moulding: This technology helps us change the raw Keratin fiber into the optimum shape & dimensions so that these fibers can easily blend with the existing hair.

Active dispensing: The Nanofibers carry the optimum charge for binding to the hair as soon as they are out of the jar because of the specially made materials including the jar polymer, electrostatic strip (patent process*) & charge donating sifter.

Cross-continental colour matching: There are subtle differences between Asia, Europe & America's 'dark brown' hair colour. Nanofibres are compatible with all ethnic hair colour shades.

Electostatic keratin-coating: A special nano-sized film covering each and every fibre to store charge, maintains translucent colour properties, reduce weight/bulk ratio and prevent itchiness.

Irrespective of gender or age, Nanogen fibers work well on anyone suffering from hair thinning problems. Whether you’re gentleman suffering from gradual hair loss over the years and would love to cosmetically control the rate and scale of thinning appearance or if you are lady suffering from bald patches here and there and generalized thinning, Nanogen is a perfect solution for you. 

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At, we bring you a list of Nanogen products that gets rid of all your hair thinning problems. Nanogen products are made using nano fibers which are very tiny particles of fiber which stick to the scalp hair and don't get visible to the eyes of a person standing next to you. Many people all around the world have benefited using our Nanogen Products because of its effective results and pocket-friendly pricing compared to other products in the market. Read More...

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Nanogen are Europe's undisputed hair loss technology experts with numerous clinically tested and patented technologies incorporated into unique products used in over 100 countries and growing for prevention of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. Only Nanogen is approved by the Alopecia Society and fully recommended and endorsed by many of the world's leading hairloss professionals including eminent doctors and surgeons.