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What’s New on after the redesign?

Now shopping would be a better experience at after the redesign of the website. We have completely re-developed our website to help our customers with a hassle free, easy and satisfactory shopping experience.

Here is the list of features added to our new website.

New Online Store:          

Shopping will be fun at from now. With the new development of the online store, our customers can view the products details, read product reviews submitted by other customers, compare two or more products and purchase the products more easily now.

With the new online store one can easily sort out products, read their specifications in detail and if satisfied with the product then can easily add it to the shopping cart and continue further shopping. Once done with the shopping, the customer can opt to check out and make the purchase of the products added to the cart. If customer changes his mind while checking out, he can also remove the products from the shopping cart or increase the number of quantity of the products already in the shopping cart.

Fully Functional Account Dashboard:

Now, at, one can register an account and have access to a fully functional account dashboard. Registered users will be able to view their order history, edit their account information and update their shipping/billing address.

My Wishlist

Customers can create their own wishlist at and view the list whenever they return to the website.  They can easily add the products from the wishlist to the shopping cart and order the products easily from there.

Write Reviews on Products You Have Used

Give your feedback on the products you have purchased. If you are a registered user on, you can add reviews and also see those reviews under the link “My Product Reviews” from your Account Dashboard.

Tag Products

Besides creating a wishlist, you can also tag products at to easily search those products in future.

Newsletter Subscription Management

Subscribe to our regular newsletter and learn about new products added to or get discount offers and deals directly to your inbox. You can also unsubscribe or subscribe anytime.

These are just some of the features. There are many more…

Visit regularly and give us tips or feedback on our new website. Your feedback and suggestion will help us serve you better. 

Welcome to the New

Yes, you heard it right. We have completely revamped our old website with a new online store, user-friendly features, easy payment process and satisfactory customer support. Along with these new features you will also get a new account dashboard where you can have access to your previous order history, add a wish list, compare products, write product reviews and many more Read More...

About Us

At, we bring you a list of Nanogen products that gets rid of all your hair thinning problems. Nanogen products are made using nano fibers which are very tiny particles of fiber which stick to the scalp hair and don't get visible to the eyes of a person standing next to you. Many people all around the world have benefited using our Nanogen Products because of its effective results and pocket-friendly pricing compared to other products in the market. Read More...

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Nanogen are Europe's undisputed hair loss technology experts with numerous clinically tested and patented technologies incorporated into unique products used in over 100 countries and growing for prevention of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. Only Nanogen is approved by the Alopecia Society and fully recommended and endorsed by many of the world's leading hairloss professionals including eminent doctors and surgeons.