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Nanogen Thickening Conditioner

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Quick Overview:

  • Improves performance of Nanogen fibers
    Daily Volume thinning hair conditioner uses patent pending electrostatic technology. This creates the perfect charge on the hair for Nanogen fibers to bind to.

  • Promotes fuller, thicker hair
    Unique thickening and moisturising ingredients create healthy, thick hair. Especially designed for regular use, the hair thickening ingredients do not build up on the outside of your hair over time. This creates light and natural thickening without heaviness, and also allows treatments to penetrate the skin and hair efficiently. 

  • Infuses the hair with nutreients
    As an Active Conditioner, Nanogen Daily Volume penetrates deep into the hair, delivering moisturising and thickening actives but also essential vitamins and amino acids. This creates strong, healthy hair from within.

  • Active Conditioners
    Conditioning thinning hair has always been difficult, and there are many factors to consider. Most conditioners coat the hair. This works well but the coating builds up over time which can weigh hair down. This causes thinning hair to look heavy, dull, and thinner than it actually is. The same coating may also slow the penetration of topical treatments used afterwards. Nanogen Active Conditioners not only solve these problems, but deliver active ingredients through the hair and scalp more effectively than any treatment shampoo.



    Deep Penetrating Nutrients and Emollients
    Emollients like cocos nucifera oil penetrate deep into the hair to give long lasting volume from within. Actives L-cysteine and pantothenic acid nourish the hair, giving it a natural healthy shine.

    Amphoteric Surfactants and Dipolar Amino Acids
    Most conditioners coat the hair with a film that is the opposite electrostatic charge to natural hair. Daily Volume uses a patent pending combination of amphoteric surfactants and amino acids to mimic your hair?s natural charge. This is the perfect charge for Nanofibres to bind to, and so maximises the hair thickening effect of the Nanofibres.

    Daily Volume is safe and free from:

    SLS and SLES
    These common surfactants are very harsh and drying to hair. They can also leave skin dry and irritated when used daily for long periods of time, such as with Daily Volume. Whilst not dangerous, SLS and SLES can be drying, irritating, and pore-blocking, which may lead to folliculitis. Therefore no Nanogen product contains SLS or SLES.

    Many people worry about the group of preservatives called parabens. Nanogen do not believe these are harmful, but appreciate our client's concerns and so all our products are paraben free.

    Glycols such as propylene glycol are common preservatives and solvents. These can be pore-blocking and irritating, and so no Nanogen products contains any form of glycol.

    Formaldehyde Donors
    Many common preservatives in cosmetics are formaldehyde donors. These are not dangerous, but formaldehyde will damage skin and growing hair cells, so no Nanogen product contains them.


    Apply a generous amount to wet hair. Massage thoroughly throughout the hair and scalp, the conditioner will not foam significantly. Leave for around 4 minutes then rinse thoroughly. For best results, use every time you wash your hair.


Daily Volume thinning hair conditioner uses patent pending electrostatic technology. This creates the perfect charge on the hair for Nanogen fibers to bind to.

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