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Why Nanogen

Nanogen products are now available in India with a completely new range of products such hair growth shampoo, hair thickening conditioners, nanofibres, hair concealers and many more. The new range includes specialized products for men and women who are suffering from hair loss and hair fall problems. Most of the similar products available in the market don’t follow this theory of having different products for men and women but give generic treatments for male and female hair loss patients. It is very well known that reasons for hair loss in men and women are totally different; hence the solution should be different as well.

All the Nanogen fans out there from India don’t wait too long and buy Nanogen in India now.

Hair Fibres are currently the best hair camouflage product and there is no big surprise that there are many different brands and imitators of Nanofibres out there in the market.

Why are Nanogen products better than other hair fibre camouflage products?

There are plenty of reasons for why Nanogen is better than other brands available and why many experts in the field of hair loss believe Nanogen offer much better results than others.

Here are a few of those reasons:

1)      Heavy Fibres:

Hair fibres from other companies that include some reputable brands are made using materials like rayon and cotton. These hair fibres have many irregularities and are often heavy. Heavier fibres don’t bind well with your hair and often damage your existing hair.

Whereas Nanogen fibres are produced using a unique protein molding system that produces perfect, ultra-fine Keratin fibres. The Nanogen hair fibres are cut precisely and accurately such that each fibre is identical and designed to be as fine as possible. If observed under a microscope, it’s very hard to distinguish between Nanofibres and the real hair.

2)      Color matching:

Most of the hair fibre producers don’t provide a wide range of color shades especially for the Asian Market; hence their fibres don’t easily blend with the existing hair and makes them more visible, unnatural looking hair. Also rayon and cotton don’t accept dyes in the same way as Keratin does that we use in Nanogen nanofibres.

The color range that you can choose from in Nanogen nanofibres are produced on the basis of 10 years of experience in research and development.

3)      Dye Locking:

Another reason why one should use Nanogen products is the Dye Locking technology used in their products. Nanogen nanofibres have been tested successfully in rain and even soaked in water overnight without the dye running out. Though nanofibres will easily come off when you shower or have a bath, you will never face a problem with dye running out which is due to the dye locking system used in Nanogen products even when soaked in water.

Dye running is not an issue just in the rain but it also happens due to perspiration if the fibres are not locked in securely. If the dye starts coming out in rain or due to perspiration it would run down your face and also put stains on your clothes and gets you into an embarrassing situation. But with Nanogen products even though Nanofibres are dislodged from the hair, the dye won t run thanks to the dye-lock system and so they can be easily brushed off without leaving marks.

4)      Electrostatic Charge Binding:

Last but not the least reason why one must use Nanogen products is the Electrostatic Charge Binding technology. Without any doubt hair fibre are the best camouflage hair loss products and their strength is the strong bound between each hair strand. This is why Nanogen has concentrated more into this area and already offers 2 unique patent-pending technologies.

The first of them is the electrostatic strip and container which donates a strong charge to every single hair fibre when dispensed from the container. This technology gives double the bonding factor between hair fibres than other competitors.

Secondly all the hair fibres are coated with an electrostatic film after precision protein molding. This coating allows the fibre to retain its unique, strong, bi-polar charge all day long. The bi-polar charge ensures binding to the hair more strongly than any other fibre.

Nanogen is constantly trying hard to keep developing better products and be always ahead of the competition. Today, Nanogen nanofibres are the market leaders in terms of both quality and innovation.

So if you are suffering from hair loss or bald patches then buy Nanogen in India now. Nanogen is now also available in India at most reasonable prices only at 

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Nanogen are Europe's undisputed hair loss technology experts with numerous clinically tested and patented technologies incorporated into unique products used in over 100 countries and growing for prevention of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. Only Nanogen is approved by the Alopecia Society and fully recommended and endorsed by many of the world's leading hairloss professionals including eminent doctors and surgeons.